Twenty craftsmen from the plateau devote all their energies to their careers in pursuing perfection. They face the snow-capped mountains and grassland, and bend over their desks to create crafts. The cultivation on fingertips has traveled through time. Twenty consummate items of craftsmanship have born the persistence of integration of the fingertip skills and belief in mind. The culture handed down generation by generation and the interpretation elaborating the exquisite craftsmanship will guide you ti explore the beauty of making goods.

How to bring the ancient Chinese epic “King Gesar” into ch...

As one of the longest epics in the world recording the life of a legendary hero - “King Gesar", the “living epic” King Gesar has been inherited by storytelling artists for over a thousand years and has profound influence.

Traditional thangka paintings stand test of time

Along the G316 highway in Tongren City in northwest China’s Qinghai Province, dozens of thangka art academies dot a section of road several kilometers in length.

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