Share good stories of the snowy land and spread the voice of the plateau. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Publicity Department of Sichuan Party Committee and Kangba TV co-produced The Snowland Dream Chaser, a 20-episode micro documentary series. Starting from today, we will share stories of 20 people who have witnessed and promoted the development of the Tibetan-inhabited area in Sichuan Province. We shall see how common people work hard to chase and realize their dreams!

63-year-old Tibetan dancer energizes cultural heritage

"We have performed Xierongzhongzi in a lot of places, and it’s favored by many people,” 63-year-old Tibetan dancer Sangzhu said with pride when speaking of his career.

Traditional Tibetan opera gets new life

The Tibetan opera in Qudui Village, Xongmai Township, Sakya County, Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region, used to be compared with the famous dancing to gods in Sakya Monastery.

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