Tibetan Image Season II | Special Guest——Tobgye

In 1981, Mr. Tobgye, graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. Then, He became a performer of the Tibetan Opera Troupe. For him personally, he has got many great opportunities to make Tibetan films, such as The Past of Lhasa and Red River Valley. This time, he came to Sichuan, and participated in Tibetan Image of Kangba TV. We hope everyone can enjoy this program.

Tobgye's Colorful Life


Tobgye: eyes are key parts for acting living Buddha

So, when playing the role of Tulku Gyaidar, no matter what great events he encounters, he will never...

Tibetan actor Tobgye stayed up late reading Chinese dictionary for better acting in the play

Right, I have a lot of life experience and I don't need to learn much. My bi...

Tobgye talks about details during shooting the film Hoh Xil: Mountain Patrol

Director Lu Chuan discussed with us how we should shoot the end of the film at the beginning. During