Tibet finishes archaeological work in Yadong Custom Relics of Qing Dynasty

Publish Time: 2018-11-28 Author: From: China Tibet News

According to the local Preserving Institution of Cultural Relics, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has finished the archaeological work in Yadong Custom Relics of Qing Dynasty recently. As the first custom in the history of Tibet and an irreplaceable section of South Asian corridor on the Silk Road, Yadong Custom Relics has been recognized as the witness of the central government's valid ruling over Tibet and China's claim on sovereignty.

After an instruction of repairing-for-salvage work on the relics being given by T.A.R. government, Cultural Relics Bureau of T.A.R. has established a joint expert group and conducted a field research, during which 6 buildings and roads that linking the buildings have been discovered. The whole relics were filled with collapse piles, and a large number of porcelains, iron and bronzes were unearthed, too. Analysis on layout, scale and interior structure of these buildings has preliminarily shown that they have been used as working offices, dormitories for workers and garrison, Temple of Guan Yu, customs clearance place, as well as daily goods trading center.

In order to better save and conserve the relics, experts, Yadong County Party committee and Yadong County Government have jointly held special meeting to formulate the Emergency Protective Repair Plan, which defined ganged departments and working priority.

The experts group has expressed that as a part of China's non-renewable resources, Yadong Custom Relics carries a lot of historical memory. Preserving the relics has significant practical and historical significance to study border culture, develop patriotism, carry forward fine traditions, safeguard national unity, as well as develop local tourism and economy.

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