Gains and inspiration of the Olympic Games to a Tibetan youth

Publish Time: 2022-04-13 Author: From: China Tibet Online

The snowflake torch platform slowly descended and the main torch went out slowly. The 10-day Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games took place and ended in March, leaving good memories in the hearts of many people, and of course in Phuntsok Sonam’s.

Phuntsok Sonam, the main actor of China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co. Ltd. (Oriental Song and Dance Troupe), is a national first-class actor. 14 years ago, when young, he was one of the 800 actors of the opening ceremony program “Opera” in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 14 years later, he is the leader of the 40 snowflake dancers from the School of Art of Beijing Sport University and program director of the Paralympic Winter Games’ opening ceremony program “Winter Paralympic Waltz”, and participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2022 Paralympics Winter Games.

Recently, Phuntsok Sonam told China Tibet Online about the gains and inspiration from the Games.

In October 2021, after receiving the rehearsal task, Phuntsok Sonam, together with Shen Chen, the director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, led the creative team and chose over 100 students from the School of Art of Beijing Sport University after two rounds of selection as performers. Then they began to prepare for the performances of the opening and closing ceremonies and threw themselves into intense rehearsal work.

Phuntsok Sonam told reporters: “During the rehearsal, the 90 snowflake dancers needed to constantly re-arrange the performance due to the adjustment of the video, the change of music, props and costumes. The behind-the-scenes staff responsible for the music, video, costumes, props, etc. also worked hard to follow up the entire program and waited for the director’s review. After the review, it was repeatedly overturned and revised. All is the result of constantly polishing.”

The “Winter Paralympic Waltz” was finally performed by 50 disabled actors and 40 able-bodied actors. "The deaf dancers played a silent symphony by using the art of dancing, creating the most splendid, beautiful moments."

From an actor to a director, this is the second time Phuntsok Sonam has showed up in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and the first was in 2008. "I remember that night, the Bird’s Nest Stadium, which can accommodate more than 90,000 people, was full of seats. ‘It’s a pleasure to have friends come from afar was chanted, resonating above the Bird’s Nest. Wearing warrior costumes and accompanied by Jinghu and gongs and drums, I completed the performance of "Opera" with other 799 actors. Later, my mother and sister said their hearts almost jumped out of throat when sitting in front of the TV for the performance. They counted down numbers and shouted: ’Five, four, three, two, one, open!’ Maybe their alert came from our kinship or from the Chinese people’s century-old Olympic dream. In short, everyone was excited and proud at that time. Me too! A kind of pride that grew out of my body rose in my heart as a young adult. I still remember that kind of feeling.”

"If I say in 2008, I was neither an adult nor a child, then this year, I am more mature, calm and confident." Phuntsok Sonam said.

The Olympic Games are the most influential sports event in the world. Participants from different countries and regions exchange cultures and sports skills through it. The purpose is to encourage people to continue playing sports. "From ’One world, One dream’ to ’Together to the Future’, it teaches each of us to have a broader mind to accommodate everything in life." Phuntsok Sonam said.

Phuntsok Sonam believed that many years later, these memories would still come out vividly, string together all the feelings in his heart.

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