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Dialogue with best documentary director

Publish Time: 2015-11-07 Author: From: Kangba TV

 International “Gold Panda” Awards Ceremony of Documentary dropped curtain on the evening of Nov. 6. The Best Director of Documentary went to Maurifivs Staerkie Drvx, owing to his masterpiece Concrete Love – The Boehm Family, produced by the WDR.


The young director saidthat this festival was full of changes and attractions, not only for audiences, but also the media, producers, directors, which was a great breakthrough. Heexplained his fever for China and Sichuan. The beautiful scenery he saw in his previous trip to China left him a good impression. He also pointed out the uniqueness of Sichuan TV festival, “It is a platform to share, communicate and cooperate rather than a promotion event like other TV festivals.”  


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