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Xuerao Longjia

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  Xuerao Longjia 


  Xuerao Longjia 


  Xuerao Longjia 


Name: Xuerao Longjia

Nation: Tibetan

Native Place: Xinlong, Sichuan

Educational Background: MA

Political Status: Communist


Graduated from Southwest University for Nationalities majoring in translation, he played the main role in "My Hometown Dege", a special story for 60th anniversary of founding of Garze Prefecture. In September 2013, he passed into Kangba TV and became a host for Kangba TV News. In March 2013, he served as the host for The Legal Mirror and the outdoor host for events like "Talking into Daofu", "Laws Going into Daofu No.1 Middle School and Sichuan University for Nationalities", etc. In January 2014, he served as the outdoor host in the Tibetan New Year Gala. Besides, he participated in the "Two sessions of Sichuan Province", "Kaschin-Beck in Aba", etc.


Silver Trophy of the 3rd Sichuan Provincial Campus Singer Competition;

Champion of Southwest University for Nationalities Talent Competition;

Top Ten Singers of Southwest University for Nationalities.


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