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Xu Dong

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Xu Dong 

Name: Xu Dong

Personal Experience:

After graduating from Kangding Ethnic Normal School, he was appointed to teach at Daofu Gexi Village's Central School. Later, he was transferred to Daofu Radio and Television Bureau in October 1999 and to Garze People's Broadcasting Station in May 2000. There, he obtained relevant qualifications and mainly engaged in Tibetan-Chinese bilingual broadcast, interview and translation work. From June to September in 2007, because of the "Going into villages" project, he became Deputy Party Secretary of Shuiwa Village, Xiangcheng County. He worked at Kangba TV from September 2009 after passing the examination. He is a news host and producer of Yutem Learns Technologies.

He hosted many large scale arts events, such as Qinghai TV's 2006 Tibetan New Year Gala, 2009 Kangba New Year Celebration, Kangba TV's 2012 Bilingual Contest, etc. He also participated in some influential media activities like "Meeting in Gesar' Hometown", "Praying for the Khampa people in the disastrous areas and building a better home hand in hand--A Poetry Recital". Besides, he actively participated in the Tibetan-Chinese translation work of bilingual films and television, translated and dubbed for more than 50 films and television works.

Awarded Works:

More than 30 of his works won National Minority Radio and Television Works Award. Many of them won the first or two places. The documentary "Dege, a Treasure Place" he participated in won the special award from the Sichuan provincial government. The arts feature "The Auspicious Sun Valley" he produced independently won the second place of broadcasting arts programs.


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