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Tashi Tso

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 Tashi Tso 

Tashi Tso 

Tashi Tso 

Name: Tashi Tso

Native Place: Dege, Sichuan

Educational Background: MA

Graduated from the School of Tibetan Language and Culture of the Northwest University for Nationalities, she majored in Secretary of Chinese Tibetan Languages. In 2009, she was admitted to the civil service in Garze, and in August of the same year, she worked in Dege County Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs.

During the two years of working there, she often went to the countryside, got touched and involved in the folk culture of Dege. She is proud of her homeland which nurtured her dream.

In 2011, she was admitted to the Gesar Institute of the Northwest University for Nationalities, for a period of three years of study. When she graduated in 2014, she chose Kangba TV to achieve her hosting dream.

She was an outstanding student and won the National Class A-level Scholarship every academic year in school. She also won numerous awards in both learning and hosting, such as "the third prize of the first Five Provinces Tibetan Poetry Competition ", "the second prize of the Red Song Competition of Garze County Cadres", "Outstanding Student Award of the Northwest University For Nationalities", "Excellent Graduate of the Northwest University for Nationalities", and "Outstanding Graduate Thesis of the Northwest University For Nationalities".

Published Papers and Research Projects

In 2012, she participated in scientific research innovation projects of the Northwest University for Nationalities. Her paper Gesar's Cultural Heritage Research in Dege County (in Chinese) was published in the "Nationality" magazine of Sichuan Province.

Research on Speaking and Singing Art of Gesar (in Tibetan) was published in "Nationality" magazine, the second issue of 2014.


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