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Wengqie Lhamo

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Wengqie Lhamo

Wengqie Lhamo


Ethnic Group: Tibetan

Native Place: Garze, Sichuan

Educational Background: MA

Personal Experience:

Wengqie Lhamo, female, was born in East Valley, Garze County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province in 1983.

Graduated from Garze Tibetan Middle School, she was admitted to the Minzu University of China in 2003. And after seven years' study, she received bachelor and master degrees of Tibetan culture.

Officially entered the Kangba TV as a host after graduation when the launching of Kangba TV was in preparation. She served as the host of the "Lhamo Weather Report", "The Kangba Gala" and other programs, and a dubber of "The Legal Mirror", "Happy Chinese and Tibetan" and other programs. Now she is the producer of "The Kangba Gala".

She hosted the Kangba Tibetan New Year Gala of Kangba TV for five consecutive years and hosted the Qinghai TV's Tibetan New Year Gala in 2012 and 2013. She also hosted the Plateau Original Tibetan Song Competition and served as the judge and host of The Kangba Men and Woman and the Fashion Show of the eighth Kangba Culture Tourism Festival. She also has hosted various Tibetan entertainment programs at invitations from Tibetan areas.


The Kangba Gala got nominated in the Tibetan recreational programs and hosts class of Sichuan Radio and Television Awards in 2009 and 2010.

In 2011, The Kangba Gala won the third prize in the broadcasting and hosting class of the 27th Tibetan Radio and TV Program Exchange and 12th National Tibetan Television Assessment.

In 2011, The Kangba Gala was awarded the first prize in the excellent exchange of broadcasting and hosting class of the 14th National Tibetan Television Assessment and the 29th Tibetan Radio and TV Program Exchange.

Gala Host:

In 2010, she hosted Tibetan Iron-tiger New Year Gala--Auspicious New Year by the Kangba TV.

In 2011, she hosted Tibetan Gold-rabbit New Year Gala--Happy Shangri-la by the Kangba TV.

In 2012, she hosted Tibetan Dragon New Year Gala--Get Together-- by the Kangba TV and Plateau Original Tibetan Song Competition.

In 2013, she hosted Tibetan Snake New Year Gala--Praise the Sunshine--by the Kangba TV and 2013 Qinghai TV Tibetan New Year Gala.

In 2014, she hosted Tibetan Wood-Horse New Year Gala--Blessed the New Year by the Kangba TV, 2014 Qinghai TV Tibetan New Year Gala and served as the host and judge of the "Kangba Men and Women" of the 8th Kangba Culture Tourism Festival.


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