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Chemi Dorji: messenger on the snowy postal route

Setting off from Chengdu, passing by Ya’an and Garze, Chemi Dorji finally gets to the destination, Tibet’s Lhasa. The line Chemi Dorji travels is at an average altitude of 3,500m, whose terrain is complex with rugged mountain road and changeable weather. This is the only first-class postal trunk route with no r...

Mountain warden's New Year in Hoh Xil

On Monday, Chuenpen Tashi, a mountain guide, celebrated New Year's Day in Hoh Xil, high in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu in northwest China's Qinghai Province. It was Tashi's first New Year in Hoh Xil since it became a World Heritage Site last year. The name Hoh Xil means "beautiful young woman, blue m...

Tibet's first systematic restoration of ancient temple books completed

Early on the morning, staff of the Tibet Library set off on the 110km journey to Mangre village, Nyimajangra township, Maizhokunggar county, southwest China's Tibet.

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