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French writer presents real Tibet in new book

The Chinese government has made great efforts in promoting social development and cultural protection of Tibet, and has managed to help Tibetan people live a better life, says a French writer named Sonia Bressler at Saturday’s launch ceremony of her new book Discovering Tibet, which is her third book on Tibet follo...

A volunteer teacher and her football stars in Tibetan-inhabited area

She is praised as a Kelsang flower on the snow-covered Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; she took on a teacher's job in 2010, and won a number of awards in just a few years. She not only achieved remarkable achievements in teaching, but is also excellent as a football referee.

Tibetan nomads "settle" for modern life

More than two decades ago, eight-year-old Pude followed his father to a meadow in Nagqu Prefecture in northern Tibet and began a hungry, cold childhood herding for ranchers. At the time, his nomadic life seemed predestined: the life of his father and grandfather. He assumed his children and grandchildren would fol...

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