Three vehicles sacrificed to rescue Tibetan wild donkey in Xizang

Publish Time: 2022-06-28 Author: From: Global Times

When you want to help someone in need, it is often better to prepare yourself in advance. A man surnamed Yan from Ngari, Southwest China’s Xizang Autonomous Region, saw a Tibetan wild donkey stuck in a swamp. After reporting the fact to the police, Yan and two police officers went back to the location and tried to lift the wild donkey out of the mud, but the animal was too heavy to be moved this way. 

Yan and the policemen then tried using pickup trucks, a land patrol vehicle, and an excavator to rescue the wild donkey. One after another, all three vehicles got stuck in the mud. Due to the recent heavy rain, the police called for backup. Fourteen hours later, the wild donkey and the three vehicles were finally freed from the swamp. "This story shows that rescue work needs to be well planned in advance. I feel sad for these police officers, but it is also a funny story," one netizen said.

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