Seminar held to discuss changes in Tibet in new era

Publish Time: 2022-06-27 Author: Xu Xiaoxuan From:

An online seminar hosted by the All-China Journalists Association was held in Beijing on June 22 to discuss the changes in the Tibet Autonomous Region in the new era.

Zhang Yun, a researcher with the History Institute of China Tibetology Research Center, underscored that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and with the hard work of resident working teams, Tibet has taken on an entirely new look. It has achieved all-round economic and social development, remarkably improved people’s livelihoods, and urban and rural areas look ever more vigorous.  

Zhaluo, director of the Social Economics Institute of China Tibetology Research Center, highlighted "green development" as a distinctive feature of Tibet, saying that the ecological protection of the Tibetan Plateau, the "global climate regulator" and "Asia’s water tower," is vital to promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. 

"Tibet has 47 nature reserves of various types, covering a total area of 412,200 square kilometers, accounting for more than one-third of the region’s territory," said Zhaluo. 

Laxianjia, deputy director of the Religious Institute of China Tibetology Research Center, noted that Tibetan Buddhism and related cultures have been preserved and carried on soundly. Tibetans’ freedom of religious belief is fully guaranteed. 

Then, the three experts answered questions from the participating Chinese and foreign journalists, including about Tibet’s high-quality socio-economic development and the lives of local farmers and herders.

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