Tibet’s wetland area increases to rank second in China

Publish Time: 2022-06-22 Author: From: China Tibet Online

As of now, the wetland area of Tibet has reached 6.529 million hectares, ranking second in the country, according to information learned from the Forestry and Grass Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region. In recent years, Tibet has continued to promote the construction of natural protection system with national parks as the main body, including 22 national wetland parks.

Those who live in Lhasa all know that there is a wetland in the northwest of Lhasa, with a total area of 1,220 hectares. That’s Lalu Wetland, a typical wetland on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, belonging to the reed peat swamp. The Lalu Wetland is known as the the "lung of Lhasa" and "a natural oxygen bar".

"Since 2000, a total of about 960 million yuan has been invested in the first, second and third phases of the Lalu Wetland protection project and the "three canals and one river" renovation project, including dredging, comprehensive anti-seepage of slopes, construction of water intake hubs and grit chambers, etc., enhancing water replenishment function, and having restored 386 mu of desertified wetlands in the northeast corner due to water shortage." said Nyima Dorje, deputy director of the Lalu Wetland National Nature Reserve Administration.

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