The Year of the Water-Tiger Is around the Corner—When does the 2022 Tibetan New Year Kick off?

Publish Time: 2022-01-28 Author: Chen Yiyin From: 康巴卫视网

The Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, is one of the most important traditional festivals for Tibetans. Actually, the date of Losar varies from Chinese Lunar New Year, and the interval between them has always been a popular topic. When it comes to the upcoming 2022, the Tibetan New Year will be celebrated on March 3, a month later than the Lunar New Year on February 3.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner.

When is the Tibetan New Year?

In contrast to a misunderstanding that the time interval between Tibetan New Year and Lunar New Year comes up randomly, only three possibilities may occur: The New Year’s day on the Tibetan Calendar falls on the same day as the Lunar Calendar. Another one appears as a month apart, and the third is a day apart. Then when exactly is each of the situation applied respectively?

The exact date of Tibetan New Year's day is closely related to the functioning of the Tibetan Calendar, more specifically, the intercalation. According to the algorithms, intercalary month happens every two years, eight months and fifteen days. When the Lunar Calendar and Tibetan Calendar intercalate in the same year, two New Years are either on the same day or a day apart. And the intercalations taking place in separate two years, however, will lead to a month difference.

People in Kangding, Garze County, Sichuan Province are preparing for the New Year.

2022, the Year of the Water-Tiger

Apart from the discrepancy between the dates of the two New Year’s days that people have paid attention to all the time, Tibetan chronology, likewise, maintains to be a hot area of concern.

The Tibetan Calendar, a kind of Lunisolar Calendar, has adopted the method of chronology of the Lunar Calendar, in which the years are designated by the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. Similarly, it assigns twelve years as a minor cycle and sixty years as a major cycle, with the only difference that the Tibetan Calendar gives it the name “rab-byung” while the Lunar Calendar calls it “sixty-year cycle”. Moreover, Tibetan chronology takes the form that the five elements are matched with the twelve zodiac years, and each zodiac year is tied to one of the five elements: wood, earth, fire, water, and metal. Take the year of the tiger for example. There are years of the wood-tiger, earth-tiger, fire-tiger, water-tiger and metal-tiger. As for 2022, it will fall on the year of the water-tiger.

Kangding in the night.

Having learned so much about the Tibetan New Year, I believe you are full of expectations for the upcoming Tibetan New Year. And here we wish you all a happy New Year of the water-tiger 2022. Tashi Delek!

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