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Xigaze has 50,803 active market players by October

Publish Time: 2018-11-08 Author: From: China Tibet News

By the end of October, 2018, there were 50,803 active market players in Xigaze City, increasing by 15.06% year on year. The number of registered employees reached 205,359, an increase of 18.48%.

To provide a good business environment for enterprises and stimulate the vitality of market players, Xigaze actively implemented a series of policies to simplify work process and reduce waiting time. Through actively communicating with market players and providing accurate services oriented by the needs of operators, the smooth registration of major projects, high-tech industrial projects and investment promotion projects were ensured. By means of active publicity, demonstration, door-to-door guidance and house-to-house investigation, the information disclosure rate of enterprises in the whole city was improved to create a market development environment featuring self-management, self-restraint and credit-oriented. Besides, efforts were made to promote the publication of annual report. Abnormal business and illegal and dishonest enterprises were inspected and punished.

At the same time, Xigaze strove to reduce the cost of institutional transactions, and 86% of the pre-approval items for industrial and commercial registration were changed to post-approval items or cancelled. It also minimized the number of items that need to be approved, optimized the approval process, and improved the efficiency of approval.


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