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60 Thangka paintings exhibited in Ji’nan, Shandong Province

Publish Time: 2017-09-12 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Lhapa Tenzin drew Thangka on site at the Shigatse Thangka Art Exhibition. (Photo/ Sha Jianlong)

JINAN, Sep. 12 (Kangba TV) -- With a charcoal pencil made of willow twig, the 25-year-old Lhapa Tenzin drew a sketch of a Thangka, colored it and delineated the lines.

At the Shigatse Thangka Art Exhibition held in Ji’nan, Shandong Province on September 11, he presented the creation process of Tibetan Thangka.

Lhapa Tenzin comes from a farmer household.

He started learning Thangka at 15, and has created more than 400 Thangka works.

According to him, with delicate drawing and bright colors, his Thangka paintings take stories of Buddhist figures as the theme, including religious culture, folk custom, Tibetan medicine, astronomy and calendar, etc.

Phuntsok Tashi, a Thangka master, colors in the Thangka painting at the exhibition site. (Photo/ Sha Jianlong)

Thangka integrates Han, Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese artistic elements, and boasts high aesthetic value.

As an artistic treasure of Tibetan painting enjoying a history of thousands of years, Thangka has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Thangka is painted on cotton cloth rather than on paper.

The figures, scale, composition of pictures and colors all have strict criteria.

According to Lhapa Tenzin, the pigment of Thangka is made of natural minerals and plants in Tibetan-inhabited areas, in order to show respect to nature and Buddhist stories.

The exhibition attracted lots of people. (Photo/ Sha Jianlong)

The 60 Thangka paintings exhibited on the day are created by excellent painters.

The paintings inherited Tibet’s traditional Thangka art and attracted lots of people.

According to Pasang Tsering, secretary-general of Shigatse Thangka Association and curator of Shigatse Museum, the exhibition marked the further cooperation of culture and art between Tibet Autonomous Region and Shandong Province.

Audiences are appreciating Thangka. (Photo/ Sha Jianlong)



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