Labrang Monastery

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Labrang Monastery is located in Xiahe county of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu province.

Known as the "Tibetan School of the World", Labrang Monastery is one of the "Great Six" Gelukpa sect monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism. As the monastery used to host 108 temples at its peak, Labrang is considered the cultural and political heart of Gannan region and offers the best teaching system of Tibetan Buddhism in China. In 1982, it was listed as a key cultural relics unit under national protection.

Labrang has a rugged, antique and classic architectural style. All the main temples have copper gilded decorations such as falun, yin and yang beast, vase, and lion on the top, while some roofs are covered with copper plating tiles and green glazed tiles.

Overall the buildings have a breathtaking grand appearance. Inside and outside, there are elegant decorations of a typical Tibetan style. In 2018, Labrang was listed among the "100 Wonders in Northwest China" at the Northwest China Tourism Marketing Conference & Tourism Equipment Exhibition.

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