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Butter sculpture, art on fingertips

Publish Time: 2018-02-02 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

As the Tibetan New Year approaches, butter sculptures become hot sales on the New Year market. Butter sculpture skill is a traditional handicraft of Tibetan people. (Photo/ He Penglei)

Besides butter, different colors of mineral pigments are mixed to make various butter sculptures, including Buddha, figures, flowers, trees, birds and animals. (Photo/ He Penglei)

Butter sculpture is a must-have for Tibetan people to decorate Chema box (a container of Tsampa and butter symbolizing auspiciousness). (Photo/ He Penglei)

Butter is extracted from milk, and is easy to melt. During the making process, to avoid melting caused by heat, handicraftsmen need to dip hands in ice water from time to time. (Photo/ He Penglei)

Handicraftsmen make butter sculptures on site. (Photo/ He Penglei)

The finished butter sculptures (Photo/ He Penglei)


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