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Tibet promotes the idea of "common prosperity" via Tibetan opera

Publish Time: 2018-01-09 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Photo shows the drum. (Photo/ Sun Xiang)

Li Yuzhen helps solve problems for the Tibetan incense inheritors. (Photo/ Sun Xiang)

LHASA, Jan. 9 (Kangba TV) -- The Tibetan Opera Troupe of Tibet Autonomous Region performed a stage play, Affection for Tibetan Incense, in order to promote the idea of common prosperity, January 8.

Affection for Tibetan Incense tells the story of Gegyaling Village, the sacred land of Tibetan incense making.

Li Yuzhen, the new township director, helps villagers overcome difficulties and maintain common prosperity.

Li Yuzhen hopes to establish a Tibetan incense cooperative to alleviate poverty and make fortune for villagers.

However, the Tibetan incense inheritors refuse Li Yuzhen’s proposal, and are unwilling to teach other villagers the techniques of making Tibetan incense.

As Li Yuzhen helps the sick of the village and does practical things for villagers, she finally gains trust of villagers and solves the problems between the two inheritors.

In the end, the inheritors share their secret recipe with villagers and help establish the Tibetan incense factory.

Phurqiong, scriptwriter of the play, hopes to publicize the idea of common prosperity and help villagers alleviate poverty via Tibetan opera, which is familiar to people.


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