Artist creates giant 300-meter painting of Princess Wencheng

Publish Time: 2018-04-08 Author: From: China Tibet Online

On April 1st, the 34-episode documentary, The 1,000-year Quest for Princess Wencheng, began airing on channel 11 of the China Central Television (CCTV), China's national TV station.

The documentary described how Jing Tingyao, the 69-year-old artist from southwest China's Sichuan Province, spent 10 years creating Princess Wencheng, the 300-meter-long brush painting, as well as the cultural legacy of the Princess as seen through the eyes of the artist.

In answering the question why he painted Princess Wencheng, Jing explained that in the past few decades, he has been to Tibet at least 50 or 60 times, and has drawn many paintings on Tibet including its scenery and people, and he felt it was time to create something spectacular.

He wanted to use Princess Wencheng as the main theme in depicting wonderful Tibetan-Chinese history and culture, to showcase the ethnic unity and cultural exchange between them, and to make sure this part of history is truly remembered.

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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