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Poetic drama Colorful Golog put on the stage

Publish Time: 2017-10-26 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Poetic drama Get Together in Mt. Anyemaqen

Oct. 26 (Kangba TV) -- The poetic drama Get Together in Mt. Anyemaqen, directed by Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe of Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, dropped curtain in Qinghai Provincial Cultural Palace, October 24.

"I had a visual and mental shock, and I am fascinated by the nature and ethnic custom of Golog," said Mr. Li, a citizen.

The performing site was packed with spectators.

With aesthetic scene change, a grand ethnic song and dance poetic drama was put on stage.

Reflecting Golog's mountains and rivers, culture and custom and songs and dances, the drama tells a love story via five chapters.

"Based on the original Tibetan songs and dances and profound Tibetan culture, the drama shows the industry, worship for nature, valiance, open-mind of Tibetan people," said Chen Ling, head of Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe of Golog.

Group dance Auspicious Milk Bucket

Group dance Passion of Dragon Head

Male solo Mayul above the Clouds

Original song Gratitude

Presentation of herdsmen’s wedding custom

Gesar Epic: Ode to the Hero

Close-up of a performer

Performers answer a curtain call.


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