Tibetan and Qiang weaving and embroidery works exhibited in Beijing

Publish Time: 2017-08-08 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Part of the long embroidery (Photo/ Yardro) 

BEIJING, August 8 (Kangba TV) -- The Exhibition of Yang Huazhen’s Tibetan and Qiang Weaving and Embroidery Works, themed “The Tibetan and Qiang Culture in Sichuan, An Endowed Place”, kicked off in the Traditional Culture and Art Center in Beijing, August 4.

The exhibition will last for 10 days.


A work of stitch embroidery, Couplet of Azalea (Photo/ Yardro)

A work integrating gold-wire embroidery and stitch embroidery (Photo/ Yardro)

The stitch embroidery Harvest Dance (Photo/ Yardro)

Yang Huazhen, a national representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) Tibetan weaving and cross-stitch embroidery, held her first exhibition and presented over 40 exquisite Tibetan and Qiang weaving and embroidery works.

The stitch embroidery Old Woman (Photo/ Yardro)

Tibetan and Qiang weaving and embroidery originates from the Neolithic Age.

It is a handicraft project integrating local resources and cross-stitch embroidery skill of the Han nationality.

It features profound ethnic and regional characteristics, and reflects the splendid traditional cultures of the ethnic groups of China.

People cast their piety for Buddhism and worship for nature in every stitch.

Besides precious works of Tibetan and Qiang weaving and embroidery, derivative products of traditional culture are also exhibited on site.

The national ICH inheritor also provides audiences an experience of Tibetan and Qiang weaving and embroidery.

The experience zone in the exhibition hall (Photo/ Yardro)


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