Tibet completes digitization of ancient books

Publish Time: 2017-04-12 Author: From: China Tibet Online

The digitalization of precious Tibetan ancient books has made great progress, with more than 30.5 million words having been digitally input, 4,421 historical files and 3,943 current files scanned, including the Biography of the Fifth Dalai Lama, Gedron Choepel's historical work White History, the encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine named Four Medical Classics and the Buddhism classic Tripitaka, according to information from the Archival Museum of Tibet Autonomous Region.

The museum has a collection of around 10,000 precious ancient Tibetan books covering Tibetan politics, economy, history, religion, culture, medicine, astronomy, and other fields. Most of the books are woodblock prints.

A director with the museum said that those ancient woodblock files are extremely valuable. Due to age and little circulation, they have been listed on the national key file rescue and protection project and have previously been stored inside the west printing house of the Potala Palace.

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