Legend on fingertip: the birth of a Tibetan carpet

Publish Time: 2015-08-24 Author: From: People's Daily

The weaving craft of Tibetan carpet as a Tibetan cultural heritage has a rich and long history. The procedure of making a Tibetan carpet is very complicated and time-consuming. A regular size Tibetan carpet usually takes two craftsmen a month to finish.

With the development of modern industry, Tibetan handmade woolen carpet is facing unprecedented challenges. But in Tibet, a group of handicrafts men and women still strive to pass on this cultural heritage. Maybe their lives have not turned any better through making carpets. What they have not realized is that the ancient Tibetan culture keeps glow on their fingertips because of their persistence.


Delicate Tibetan handmade woolen carpet.  


Craftsman brushes the wool. 


Spin thread. 




Mark the number of the color. 


Weave the carpet. 


Weave the carpet. 


Trim the carpet. 

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