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The inheritance of Tibet’s Pusum carving

Publish Time: 2018-12-09 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Pusum Township of Nyemo County, 150km away from Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, is hailed as the “hometown of carving”.

As one of the “three Nyemo specials”, Pusum carving has been passed down for generations. In 2009, Pusum carving was included in the Tibet regional intangible cultural heritage list.

A senior engraver wears a pair of glasses and starts his work.

The fragrance of sawdust and printing ink in the workshop reveals the history of carving culture to the visitors.

A woodblock with Tibetan characters.

The engravers have been enriching the contents and developing the carving skills over the past years. Now, Pusum carving has become a popular tourist souvenir.

The carving contents not only embody religious activities, but also reflect local customs, natural beauty and social life.

The carved blocks should be colored before printing.

Pusum carving can date back to the 7th century.


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