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People produce wooden bowl for developing handicraft culture in Tibet’s Lhoka

Publish Time: 2018-07-31 Author: Tenzin Woebom From: VTIBET.com

Samdrup, the man who is in charge of the company shows wooden bowl they made. [Photo/Xinhua]

Local villagers make wooden bowl at the training base. [Photo/Xinhua]

Dabu Wooden Bowl Product Co., Ltd. is established in 2014 in Gyatsa County of Lhoka, a place often regarded as the birthplace of Tibetan civilization.

The company plays a vigorous role in not only promoting the protection and development of traditional Tibetan handicraft culture but also helping the poor master skills and shake off poverty.

With a long standing reputation, the producing skill of Gyatsa wooden bowl is included into Tibet regional intangible cultural heritage list. The wooden bowl is a product of regional ethnic interaction and cultural blending. Therefore, it bears rich Tibetan culture connotation.

What's more, since the establishment of Dabu Wooden Bowl Product Co., Ltd. four years ago, apart from professional skills training, the company has always been emphasizing on life skills education for the local villagers' sustainable development, enabling them to obtain the ability of self-learning in a fast changing labor market.

"Actually, as long as you get to know how mysterious and profound the handicraft is, you will definitely fall in love with it. The traditional skill of making Tibetan wooden bowl has its unique historical and cultural values. It should be preserved well and passed down." Samdrup, a deputy of the company said with a smile.


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