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Finger guozhuang dance of Baiyu County, Sichuan Province

Publish Time: 2018-01-09 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Performers of Baiyu County’s art troupe practice finger guozhuang dance. (Photo/ Li Xiangyu)

Ngaxi, an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, shows the performers of the art troupe the steps of finger guozhuang dance. (Photo/ Li Xiangyu)

Young performers of Baiyu County’s art troupe perform finger guozhuang dance on the square for local people. (Photo/ Li Xiangyu)

Performers draw characteristic ethnic figures on fingers for each other. (Photo/ Li Xiangyu)

Bathing in sunshine, Tibetan performers of Baiyu County’s art troupe draw figures with local folk characteristics on forefingers and middle fingers.

As the music rings, fingers of performers "dance" to the beat and move from right to left.

The moves of fingers change with the lyrics and tunes of music.

The emotions and passions of the performers are completely reflected by the fingers.

Finger guozhuang dance, a unique dance in Khampa Tibetan area, was spotted in the intangible cultural heritage census of 2015 in Baiyu County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

After on-site inspection, experts noted that finger guozhuang dance only exists in Baiyu County.

As the only guozhuang danced with fingers, it uses fingers to represent body, performing the dance mainly with the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand.

Finger guozhuang dance has eight sets of dance steps, and is usually performed during weddings, worship ceremonies and parties.

The traditional performance is done without any paintings on fingers.

"Drawing paintings on fingers reflects young people’s inheritance and development of guozhuang and tradition. I hope they can promote and carry forward it," said Ngaxi, one of the inheritors of finger guozhuang dance.

According to Nyima Yungdron, director of Baiyu County’s Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television Bureau, over 100 people in the county can perform finger guozhuang dance.

As of now, finger guozhuang dance has applied for the county-level intangible cultural heritage, and will apply for the provincial and national intangible cultural heritage.

Watch video of finger guozhuang dance


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