Traditional handicraft thrives with innovation in Tibetan-inhabited area

Publish Time: 2018-09-27 Author: From: China Tibet Online

From September 21st - 25th, an exhibition showcasing Traditional Tibetan Handicrafts was held at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center. The handicrafts were made by intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Yushu, Qinghai province, who had studied in Tsinghua University for a month on combining modern design concepts and traditional Tibetan handicrafts in October, 2017.

At the exhibition, the inheritors showed the works they created after learning at Tsinghua University.

The photo shows Qi Linxiong’s work combining black pottery and tangka embroidery.

Tuding Sangbao, the inheritor of Kagyu-style Tibetan calligraphy, showcasing his calligraphy works, a thumb character for “Tsinghua University” and calendars.

Bading Tsering’s medicinal clay masks and some animals.

Tsering Kamdro’s stone sculptures feature the sculpting of 30 Tibetan letters and four vowel letters onto rocks.


Tseding’s Tibetan incense.

Baima Qunjia’s work: Tsinghua University’s crest in Tibetan black ceramic

Aduo’s innovative Tibetan paper art, where the lamp changes color via the remote.

Nanjiang Tashi’s tangka art featuring innovation in its traditional foundation.

Dongzhou’s red ceramic wine containers.

Songnam Rgyatso’s work combining black ceramics and tangka skills. 

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