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Chanang lice carving, a shining pearl of Tibetan handicrafts

Publish Time: 2017-07-07 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Date: 2013 Level: Region-level

Category: Art

Place: Chanang County, Tibet Autonomous Region

The student of lice carving is engraving on the Tibetan furniture. (Photo/ Tenzin from Tibet Daily)

Lice carving is a kind of wood carving skill of Chanang County, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

As a regional intangible cultural heritage, it is like a shining pearl of ethnic handicrafts.

The name of lice carving derives from a story which dates back to 300 years ago. In the story, a wood engraver carved a lice with a grain of highland barley.

As the story comes down, the lice carving skill is also inherited from generation to generation.

To inherit and promote the rare ethnic handicraft, Chanang County invited Padma Dradul, inheritor of Chanang lice carving who runs Tibetan furniture business in Lhasa, to come back and start up business in 2012.

As a result, farmers’ cooperative of lice carving was established, and a wood carving training class was opened.

The training class aims to enroll the unemployed young people of TAR and teach them lice carving skill, thus to inherit the skill.

Besides, the cooperative also expanded the methods of employment and increased people’s income.

Chanang lice carving enjoys a long history and is with exquisite skills. In 2013, Chanang lice carving was included in the fourth batch of intangible cultural heritage list of TAR.


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