Inheritance of ancient Tibetan incense and Thangka I

Publish Time: 2017-08-23 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

In Shangri-la, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, a special fragrance of grass and Tibetan butter pervades the air.

Tibetan incense, one of the three traditional handicrafts of Tibetan-inhabited areas, is an integral part of Diqing's Tibetan culture. Different Tibetan incense boasts different stories.

Songlin Tibetan incense originates from Shangri-la. It inherits the ancient making skill of Tibetan incense of Sumtsen Ling Monastery, which enjoys a history of 300 years.

Songlin Tibetan incense is made of pure and natural medicinal materials and spices, which are unique to Shangri-la and the plateau.

Tibetan incense advocates nature and harmony, and integrates the essence of Tibetan medicine with incense culture.

The raw materials of the incense are grinded in the mortal with a stone pestle manually. After being added with highland barley wine, the material will be grinded for seven days to maintain adequate fermentation.

After being dried in the shade, the ingredients will be made into incense with a cattle-horn utensil.

In the morning, the 31-year-old Gyaltsen sits beside the desk, packaging the Songlin Tibetan incense which will be delivered to places nationwide with his sister.

Gyaltsen was born in Shangri-la, Diqing, and started his study in monastery at eight. He is the inheritor of Songlin Tibetan incense.

At a young age, Gyaltsen integrated the traditional secret craft with characteristic plateau plants of Shangri-la.

With modern scientific health preserving theory and technology, he carried out the special Songlin Tibetan incense.

"It takes 19 days to make Songlin Tibetan incense. Now, we have five types or forty varieties of products. We are still working on some new ideas. No matter what innovations we make, we aim to make the real good and original Tibetan incense. It takes time," said Gyaltsen.

When making Tibetan incense, Gyaltsen is meticulous and serious. For him, Tibetan incense is sacred and should be processed with a meticulous and devout heart.

According to Gyaltsen, some procedures of Songlin Tibetan incense are now done by machine, which improves the speed of making Tibetan incense, mixes the main ingredients and materials adequately and maintains the special fragrance of Tibetan incense.

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