The meticulous painting process of Thangka

Publish Time: 2017-08-09 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

The painting process of Thangka requires meticulous and exquisite skills.

Prepare the materials

The painting process of Thangka includes preparing the canvas, drafting, coloring, delineating, tracing the design in gold, consecrating, etc.

A simple Thangka takes a dozen of days to finish, and a complicated one several months or years.

The pigments are from the nature. As a result, the colors remain unchanged and will never fade in a long time.

Deal with the canvas

Stretch the canvas

The white cotton cloth without any stains, holes and cracks, is selected as the painting canvas.

The tailored canvas will be stretched on the easel after being washed and air dried.

The glue smeared on both sides of the canvas determines the coloring effect of pigments.

After the canvas is smeared with glue and dried in the shade, it will be painted with the white clay juice on both sides, thus to fill up the tiny pores on the surface and make it smooth.

As for the polishing process of the canvas, it includes two procedures, i.e., the rough polish and the fine polish.

After several times of rough polish, the canvas will be dried in the shade.

As for the fine polish, it is carried out with a stone which has a rough surface, from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right of the canvas.

Each time after being polished, the canvas will be dried in the shade. Fine polish is the last procedure of making the canvas.

Drafting and composition is the basic painting procedure of Thangka.

According to the image-making rules, this process arranges the size, scale and position of the figures.

Coloring and delineating

Color the Thangka

The painted part will be added with powder in different colors, thus to make the painting cloth has different shades of colors.

Shading of colors

Shading gives a natural flow of colors, and makes the figures vivid.

Delineate Thangka

Delineating is the most important procedure of Thangka painting. The mixture of gold powder, water and glue is used to delineate painting.

With the jewelry pen point to polish, the golden lines will make the Thangka painting shine with dazzling brilliancy.


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