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Tibetan Metal Forging Skills

Publish Time: 2016-12-01 Author: From: Kangba TV

Tibetan boasts a long history, profound culture and brilliant folk art. Most works of art are made with gold, silver, copper and iron. In particular, gold, silver and jewelry are used as ornaments. This is related to the living environment.

Tibetan metalwork is mainly divided into five categories: religious musical instruments, national instrument, daily utensils, architectural ornament and painting art. Following patterns are also commonly used, including eight auspicious symbols, mandala, garuda, dragon, phoenix, lion, holy beast, auspicious cloud and flame.

All these reveal adept skills and abundant practice experience of local craftsmen as well as brilliant Tibetan metal art.

Tibetan Metal Forging Skills (Tashi Jicai, Shigatse) has been listed in China Intangible Cultural Heritage Third National Inventory and enjoyed high reputation within and out of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Located in the south of Shigatse, Tashi Jicai is famous for its gold and silver works processing. It is a well-known hometown of craftsmanship in Tibet. In Tashi Jicai, various broadswords, bracelets and necklaces can be discovered.

Moreover, visitors can witness how a rough metal is made into exquisite and precious handiwork by skilled craftsmen with their craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

At the introduction and promotion conference, visitors can experience exquisite traditional skills, compliment industrious and smart working people, appreciate integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern art and life, and make various ornaments.


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