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Tibetan Red Pottery Firing – New Development of Traditional Craftsmanship

Publish Time: 2016-11-15 Author: From: Kangba TV

On the beautiful snow-covered highland, earthenware is one of the most commonly-used utensils of Tibetan people here. As a kind of practical article and handicraft article directly from life and productive labor, exquisite earthenware shows unique aesthetic ideology and skillful craftsmanship of Tibetan people.

In Tibetan Highland Mother Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. at Doilungdeqen County of Lhasa, craftsmen have been using traditional Tibetan pottery craftsmanship, i.e., red pottery firing craftsmanship, to produce earthenware in different shapes.

In 2013, Tibetan red pottery firing craftsmanship was included into the fourth list of intangible cultural heritages of Tibet Autonomous Region. Let’s go into the world of red pottery and discover the life of earth hidden in pottery.

Pottery is full of irresistible charm, because it has a long history. Time passes very quickly, while craftsmanship and connotation of pottery have also been improved and enriched. Pottery has gradually transformed from practical article in the beginning into the works of art with ornamental value and emotionality.

In the past, as an industry, pottery firing belonged to a small group of people. At present, folk artisans inherit traditions to make exquisite pottery, while many people run pottery bars, making pottery become a popular and leisure lifestyle and helping people get relaxed through pottery making.


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