Yak history one of Tibet culture training courses

Publish Time: 2020-06-24 Author: Palden Nyima and Daqiong in Lhasa From: chinadaily.com.cn

Photo taken on April 28, 2019 shows a yak resting at Gyirong county of Xigaze city, southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. [Photo/Xinhua]

A training program covering traditional Tibetan culture was held recently in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region, to help professionals in the field of various traditional Tibetan cultures, local media reported.

The Science and Technology Department of Tibet supported the program with money and talent.

Tsering Norbu, head the region's institute of scientific and technical information, said the training had six key elements: yak history, Tibetan culinary culture, Tibetan calligraphy, Tibetan cultural photography, art reproduction in the digital era and Tibetan religious art sculpture.

"Participants in the training were students at the University of Tibet and the regional high vocational college who are majoring in Tibetan culture-related topics, along with people who study Tibetan culture," said Tsering Norbu.

The first course of training was the history of yak transportation. Wu Yuchu, curator of Tibet's Yak Museum, was invited to lecture for the first part of the course, and more 50 students and Tibetan culture researchers participated.

"This lecture tries to explain the significant meaning of yaks in Tibetan society and the animals' influence on Tibetan spiritual culture from different angles including nature, history, culture and art," Wu said in his presentation on Friday.

"And I also try to explain that Tibetan culture is extensive and profound," he said.

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