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Tibetan drama troupe performs in Jiangsu

Publish Time: 2018-12-20 Author: From: China Tibet Online

A few days ago, a Tibetan drama troupe from Tibet Autonomous Region staged a Tibetan opera performance at the Kunshan Contemporary Kun Opera Theatre. At the same time, they also donated a selection of blue and white Tibetan opera masks, and four sets of Tibetan opera costumes of Tashi Xueba (a kind of Tibetan Opera), which will be used to support Kunshan as they build a “Museum of Drama”.

Palden Wangqug, head of the Tibetan Drama Troupe, introduced that the performance was segments from the traditional eight classic Tibetan Operas, and the intricate arrangement of Tibetan opera arias, movements, and song and dance not only preserve the essence of traditional Tibetan Opera, but also present the unique charm of this art form to the audience.


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