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Heaven on Earth: Gangbu Glacier in Tibet

Publish Time: 2018-03-05 Author: From: Xinhua
上一张 下一张 放大
Gangbu Glacier in Tibet (Xinhua/Purbu Tashi)
Gangbu Glacier in Tibet (Xinhua/Purbu Tashi)
Tucked away in Nakarts County in Tibet, Gangbu Glacier stands solitarily near the border between China and Bhutan. The glacier builds a maze of ice and snow that is various in shape and magnificent in figure.
Gangbu Glacier is only more than 250 kilometers from Lhasa, but tourists to Tibet seldom set foot on this land of ice due to its high altitude at around 5,500 meters and other adverse natural conditions. Most of the land here remains untouched.
To true nature lovers, however, the landscape itself is worthy of all the troubles.
The crystal clear ice and snow here form a fairy land on earth. Stand on the glacier of thousands of years old, and you will feel as if you were living in the glacial period.
The best season to visit Gangbu is winter, as the glacier and ice-covered rivers are well-frozen, making it safer to exploit deeper in the arrays of small icebergs.

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