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Old photos of the Tibetan-inhabited areas

Publish Time: 2017-06-22 Author: Zhao Hua From: Kangba TV
上一张 下一张 放大
The exhibition hall.
The exhibition hall.

“Light and Shadow Life – Retrospective Exhibition of Gao Fan and Niu Weiyu’s Photographic Works” was held at National Art Museum of China recently. Over 200 works created by them at different times were exhibited, fully demonstrating their photography career from the war period to the New China Period. As a photographer couple who were rare to see at that time, they together experienced wars and then joined building a new China. They stood by each other all the way. Photography is their common language and played an important role in their lives. (Photo/Yang Yueyun)

Gao Fan (1922-2004) was born in Xiaoshan of Zhejiang Province. After the foundation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), he served as Editor-in-chief and President of PLA Pictorial, and Chairman of China Photographers Association.

Niu Weiyu (1927- ) was born in Tanghe of Henan Province. In 1947, she married Gao Fan. She began to work as a photographer of News Photography Bureau in early 1951. Later, she worked at the photography team of Xinhua News Agency until her retirement.

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