Photographer records Tibet with passion

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The Buddha's Day at Langmu Temple in Gannan during the 2019 Festival celebration [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]

Photographer Hu Guoqing has been closely following and capturing life in Tibet for more than ten years, travelling to the region eight times. His most recent visit included a trip to the Langmu Temple in Gannan, where he observed the grand Buddha Worshipping Festival.

Every year on January 13th of the Chinese lunar calendar, thousands of monks gather in Langmu Temple to participate in the Festival, which is also known as the Buddha Show Festival.

Monks carry huge statues of the Thangka Buddha to a fixed platform at the foot of the monastery for people to worship. Tibetan people wear beautiful clothes, bring a year's harvest as part of a personal pilgrimage, and conduct small-scale material exchange. The most important thing during the event is the grand scene of worshipping the Buddha.

This year, the Festival experienced intense snowfall, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Hu Guoqing is a member of the China Photographers Association, and has won several photography awards, such as the 10th China Photography Award, and  the 2014 Top Ten Creative Photographer in China.

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