Tibet's first Doctor of Laws: wish to be a paving stone for the rule of law in Tibet

Publish Time: 2019-02-19 Author: From: China Tibet Online

"This year is the 60th anniversary of democratic reform in Tibet. It can be said that my own personal growth is entirely due to the development of Tibet," said Lobsang Chophel, who was born in 1971 in Chamdo, Tibet.

Lobsang Chophel was a diligent and eager student. In 1987, thanks to his excellent exam results, he was admitted to the China Youth University of Political Studies to study political science and law. After graduation, he was assigned to a government office as a civil servant. In 1995, Lobsang Chophel and other like-minded lawyers jointly established Tibet's first partnership law firm, the Tibet Hengfeng Law Firm.

Just when the law firm was on the right track, and business was booming, Lobsang Chophel decided to pursue advanced studies abroad. In 2002, he went to the United States, where he studied international law and international environmental law at the Law School of American University. After graduating with a Masters of Laws in 2004, even though he had offers from many American companies, Lobsang Chophel returned to his hometown with the dream of helping Tibetan people understand the law.

In 2009, Lobsang Chophel was admitted by the China University of Political Science and Law as a Doctorate of Civil and Commercial Law, becoming the first Doctor of Law in Tibet. He also established a research center on legislation in western China in cooperation with the university and completed a project with the national social science fund on legislation in Tibet's agricultural and nomadic areas.

Lobsang Chophel said: "Nowadays, whenever anyone has a problem, they want to rely on the law to solve it; however, it wasn't like this when I first entered the business." In order to spread legal knowledge among people in Tibet, he and his team would go into rural areas and frontier areas each year to carry out law publicity activities.

In order to play a better role in spreading knowledge of the law, in 2006 Lobsang Chophel built the Tibet Legal Library and Information Center, which is the first public legal library center in Tibet.

Lobsang Chophel said: "Now the state vigorously advocates the rule of law, and Tibet cannot lag behind. I am willing to act as the paving stone for Tibet."

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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