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Searching for the Lotus-Born Master (Ⅱ)

Publish Time: 2018-11-22 Author: Laurence Brahm From: chinadaily.com.cn
[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The first manifestation we sought to understand is: The Lotus King "Pema Gyalpo". He is a magnetizing force, surrounded by Dakinis, or feminine energy forces. He is depicted as the king of Oddiyana, the ancient Buddhist kingdom on the Silk Road. Some scholars say that Oddiyana is the prototype for the mystical realm of Shambhala or Shangri-La. There are copious records of the Oddiyana kingdom in the Tang Dynasty annals. The kingdom was in a unique location in the Swat Valley of what is today, Pakistan. Because it was such an important stop on the Silk Road, there was a confluence of ideas coming together in Oddiyana, from Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Shaman, that became of the essence of Tantric.

In searching for the Lotus-Born Master, one expedition team went to Swat Valley in search of Oddiyana. The expedition was led by Professor Li Xiguang of Tsinghua University, and they found the actual ruins of the lost kingdom of Oddiyana. They were able to found this by following the records from Tang dynasty monk, Xuanzang. There were many records of the Tang Dynasty describing Oddiyana as a kingdom of Tantric Buddhism with over 1,400 temples along the Swat river.

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Tang Dynasty records tell how people in Oddiyana recited Mantra. This surprised Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang, because at that time, Mantra was seldom used among Buddhists in China. Mantra actually has Hindu origins. One of our expeditions traveled in India to try to understand the science of Mantra. It was discovered that Mantra is a vibrational frequency. Since the Lotus-Born Master came from Oddiyana, we can understand how Mantra became such an important part of Tibetan Buddhism.

There is a science to the use of Mantra. If we understand it in terms of physics, sound is energy. And according to the mass energy formula introduced by Einstein, we are all made of energy. Because sound is also energy, our energy mass will be affected by the vibrational frequency of sound. Sound can have many effects on bodies and substances, from changing the mood of elements. The right sound can benefit us, even can heal the body.


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