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After graduation: step towards the future

Publish Time: 2018-06-25 Author: From: chinaplus.cri.cn

With the university graduation season approaching, many impending graduates are weighing different options for the next chapter of their lives.  Here are stories of six graduates making their life choices.  

Zhou Liqiong [Photo/China Plus]

Zhou Liqiong, a 26-year-old Tibetan from Lanzhou University, has decided to continue pursuing a doctorate degree. She completed her under-grad in mathematics, and is finishing her master degree in biology, while pursuing a doctorate in anthropology, with a focus on China's ethnic minorities.

Zhou Liqiong says she has always had a passion for anthropology. She has taken part in a number of field studies, which have taken her deep into mountainous territory, forests and remote villages as part of her postgraduate studies. In the next stage of her studies, Zhou Liqiong plans to focus on Tibetan demographics and history. She is aiming to research the cultural history and development of her hometown in Gansu. 


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