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Chemi Dorji: messenger on the snowy postal route

Publish Time: 2018-01-08 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Chemi Dorji bids farewell to his wife before leaving.

Setting off from Chengdu, passing by Ya’an and Garze, Chemi Dorji finally gets to the destination, Tibet’s Lhasa.  

The line Chemi Dorji travels is at an average altitude of 3,500m, whose terrain is complex with rugged mountain road and changeable weather. This is the only first-class postal trunk route with no rail.  

Chemi Dorji, head of the driving team in Garze County branch of China Post Group, is an ambitious and responsible Khampa man who has been a messenger along the snowy postal route for 28 years. 

Besides the formidable natural conditions, there are also man-made calamities along this post line.  

Chemi Dorji drove as usual on No. 318 national highway one night in September 2012. He slowed down the vehicle as there was a slope ahead. At that time, a group of ruffians with knives and iron rods came out to rob his vehicle.  

Since many classified files are transferred via postal service. It is stipulated that the postal staff should always put an eye on the large parcels and carry the little ones around.  

Thanks to his good physical quality and wisdom, he successfully kept these parcels safe but himself was seriously wounded. 

When he was hospitalized, he concerned parcels the most. If these parcels were lost, he would be too ashamed to work as a messenger. 

This is the first robbery Chemi Dorji has ever come across for 20 years. He still felt horrible when recalling the incident. Though he survived from the accident, his left hand and leg were badly injured.  


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