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Dzekyid’s way to inherit and develop Reba dance

Publish Time: 2017-06-09 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Dzekyid is performing Reba dance on the grassland. 

In the early 1980s, when Dzekyid was 13, she saw a poster in the street corner. It was a poster recruiting dance students for Chamdo Art Troupe, which changed her life course for good. 

Dzekyid was keen on dancing since she was little. On seeing the poster, she made the decision to sign up for the recruiting without telling her family.  

Seven days later, Dzekyid received the letter of admission. Her family knew her obsession with dancing and they agreed on her decision. Consequently, she became a member of the art troupe. 

The aged Reba drum and drumstick in the troupe’s training room impressed her. She fell for it. Though, as a junior dance student, she should only focus on the basic dance steps.   

However, as soon as she had time, she would beat the drum. The drumbeats made her excited and gave her a sense that she could not tell. 

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a campaign to save and protect folk artists was launched all over the country and the 19-year-old Dzekyid was a member of the campaign to save Reba dance in Chamdo. 

Tashi Chodron, a Reba artist from Tengchen County gives her Reba drum and drumstick to her best student, Dzekyid. 

In 1988, Dzekyid visited Tashi Chodron, an aged Reba artist in Tengchen County. With some twists and turns, Dzekyid managed to learn Reba dance from this aged artist. 

After finished learning, Dzekyid began her performance in Chamdo, then the whole country. Together with other Tibetan song and dance artists, she also performed in over 10 foreign countries including the U.S., Canada and Germany to promote Tibetan culture worldwide. 


Dzekyid practices dancing with students in the rehearsal room of Tibet University. 

Dzekyid enrolled in Tibet University to learn choreography when she was 31. Later she became a dance teacher there and helped to bring Reba dance to city and school from prairie and street.

Now, Dzekyid has been engaged as a visiting professor by many inland art colleges, like Beijing Dance Academy. Via college teaching,she explores Reba dance in practice and theory so as to add fresh elements to it. 

Dzekyid, the agile dancer on the stage 

Based on the traditional Reba dance and her teaching experience, Dzekyid invented a new kind of drum beating method called Dzekyid drum. 

Meanwhile, she plans to compile a series of Reba dance textbooks in junior, middle and senior levels via integrating practice and theory. Now the materials have been collected, and the books are scheduled to come out in two years. 

Dzekyid is called the queen of Reba dance by people. She loves the title. She said, “The recognition and compliment from the common people is the best award for me.” 


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