Happy life of a senior in Ali Prefecture of Tibet

A two-story house equipped with all kinds of household appliances is where Cama Ciren, a 72-year-old Tibetan and his wife live. This is Dianjiao village, where they have lived for 34 years, in Zhaxigang Town of Ga’er County, Ali Prefecture in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. “The village was actually ...

Zhuoga's happy life in Yumai, SW China's Tibet

“As a CPC member for more than 20 years, taking part in this year’s “Two Sessions” helps me gain great knowledge. I will devote myself to playing a leading role in Yumai,” said Zhuoga, former head of the Yumai Township government in Longzi County in Shannan, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Yumai is...

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