Wanderer finds wonder wherever he cycles

After cycling 5,600 kilometers in 82 days, Fu Qisheng finally reached his destination-the North Base Camp of Mount Qomolangma in the Tibet autonomous region-on Aug 11. Standing at 5,200 meters above sea level, the 60-year-old was unable to hold back his tears and immediately took photos with his bike in front of the...

Nurse honored by academy for advancing profession

Han also served as the Party secretary of a medical team dispatched from 2015 to 2016 by the provincial hospital to the Lintan county hospital in Gannan Tibet autonomous prefecture in Gansu. There, she helped create rules and regulations to ensure the hospital’s efficient and long-term development of nursing.

Elderly Tibetan recalls serf life 70 years ago

In a small village called Lamo in Taktse District of Lhasa, an elderly Tibetan has lived since he was born. When he was a child over 70 years ago, his family members were serfs and had to work for an owner to earn a living.

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