Village school in Tibet flourishes under reforms

Kelsang Dekyi, adeputy to the National People's Congress.Kelsang Dekyi has relied on knowledge to change her destiny, so it's no surprise she believes education has the power to change people's lives.A deputy to the National People's Congress, Kelsang Dekyi has taught at a primary school in Metog county...

Profile: Surveying the top of planet Earth

​As a professional surveyor, Chen Gang has always adopted a scientific approach to his work, obsessed with acquiring accurate data on every piece of land he has been to.On Wednesday, he will make an attempt to survey arguably the most arduous destination in his professional life -- the summit of Mount Qomolangma, the ...

Tibetan almanac steps into era of digitalization

The owner is a Tibetan man called Yumba, a graduate of Harvard University and a renowned Tibetan astrological academician. He is the deputy head of the Tibet Medical and Astrology Institute.

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