Feature: Family bakery preserves century-old Tibetan flavor

Losang Gyaltsen and his parents were particularly busy in the days leading up to the Tibetan New Year, baking Tibetan pastries long-awaited by all in the area.

In Tibet, a graduate spurns govt job, plants mushrooms

Greenhouses covered with black netting to reduce the harsh sunshine line up like soldiers in a flat area at the foot of Senge Gongla, a snow-capped mountain in the Tramok township of the Tibet autonomous region's Bomi county. Samtan Dondrub is busy watering his fungus field with the help of two villagers.

Force of nature

A desert may seem desolate, but walking on the dunes of Echoing-Sand Mountain on the edge of the Gobi Desert on a blustery and cold winter's day, I felt the strong power of life.

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