Tibetan rangers work to protect nature

Tsering Samdrup works as a ranger in the Samdruptse district of Shigatse city, Tibet autonomous region. The job offered by the local government helped him get out of poverty and also helped improve the fragile environment.Over the last five years, Shigatse has allocated more than 2 billion yuan ($305 million) for ...

Officers take high road to guard nation's border

Police at China's highest security facility beat lack of oxygen, altitude sickness to patrol mountains, save lives. Yang Zekun reports.Driving for hours across uninhabited grassland to reach isolated settlements and solve residents' problems, and patrolling a glacier more than 5,600 meters above sea level every...

Long-distance love conquers separation, frustration

Sonam Dekyi knew she would have to shoulder great family responsibility when she married Sonam Daje, a police officer with the National Immigration Administration.Although she used to complain about the lack of time her husband spent with the family, she has gradually come to accept the situation.

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