Many hope to find way to Shangri-La, Sonam Dondrup builds it

The seed of Sonam Dondrup's road dream was sowed when he, at the age of 10, and his father trekked five days in the mountains to the nearest city to treat his injured eye. He missed the optimal time for treatment, but the first encounter with the city was impressive enough. "Life out of the mountains was amazing."

Feature: Tibetan girl's thirst for football undimmed by pand...

18-year-old Tibetan girl Pubu Droma wins recognition as the only female player in a men's soccer team of Nankai University before she builds up a girls' team herself.

Streams of GOLD from NEEDLES & THREADS

The culture of an ethnic group is undergoing a revival that is also helping pull people from poverty, Chen Nan reports.When the 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake struck at 2.28 pm on May 12, 2008, sending ripples as far afield as Russia, Thailand and Taiwan, it was clear that any town or village not far from its epicenter was li...

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