Pic Story: Bright new life of a 109-year-old, who once suffe...

Sonam Drolma is a 109-year-old villager in Reguo Village of Shannan. Since she was born, she has gone through half a century of twists and turns and sufferings as a serf.

Feature: Herdsman dances his way into spotlight

Lhaba was born into a poor family of nine in the county of Dinggye, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Since he could remember, the family depended on merely 0.3 hectares of land and a dozen cows and sheep to live."We struggled to make ends meet by eating the barley reaped from the fields," said Lhaba, 32. ...

Across China: Tibetan artist promotes art, harmony in commun...

A Tibetan Thangka artist has been promoting the painting art as well as unity and harmony in a community in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

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