Across China: Century-old Nepali store in Tibet sign of Chin...

If you find a gilded bronze buddha statue in a family's home in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, it may just come from a century-old store owned by Ratna Kumar Tuladhar, a Nepali merchant.

Across China: A mountain tunnel built for 147 people

Chen Jiuping ran into three bears on his way to visit a relative in the neighboring village."I was scared to death. Fortunately, the bears didn't notice me," said Chen, 28, who still looks terrified recalling his 7-year-old memory.Chen lives in a village surrounded by mountains in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefectur...

Mystic charm

Yunggie Ma, whose music is inspired by Monba folk culture, is set to perform at the Stallion World Music Festival, Chen Nan reports.When Yunggie Ma entered the room, she immediately made an impression on the audience. It might have been her waist-long hair or her bohemian dress. When she started to sing, people applaud...

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