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Quest to learn ethnic heritage before it disappears

Many people think 30 is still an early age to achieve one's goals. Tashi Gyaltsen, who just turned 30, is working to make every minute count. As a newly elected deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, Tashi Gyaltsen values being Lhoba, an ethnic group in the Tibet autonomous region.

Sichuan herdsmen enjoy new life

To alleviate poverty, Xixi village in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture began to move its herdsmen to Daqinggou in early 2016. In the following year, 99 Tibetan-style dwellings were completed, and the area was equipped with a kindergarten, tap water and 4G network.

Profile: From serf's son to political advisor

Political advisor Thubten Khedrup is confident about his proposals to be submitted on the ongoing annual "two sessions" in Beijing. "Almost all of my proposals have been adopted and taken effect, or are being considered by authorities," the 55-year-old Tibetan man said.

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