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Father, son take controversial journey to Tibet

On Aug. 17, Zhang Wei and his 12-year-old son Tutu finally arrived in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China. Standing in front of the magnificent Potala Palace, the youngster said he was proud to have accomplished the journey.

A Tibetan workshop owner’s way to wealth with products sold worldwide

Ranqiu began his career as a guide after graduating from the college. With no sense of belonging nor achievement, Ranqiu was physically and mentally exhausted. So he returned to Hongyuan County, his hometown in Sichuan Province. Considering creating some job opportunities for himself and people around, Ranqiu esta...

Former Tibetan shepherd boy aims to fulfill Olympic running dream

He used to be a shepherd boy tending his yaks at the foot of a mountain in Lhasa, Tibet, and Duobujie might have ended up farming like his parents. But running has put his life on a different path. The 23-year-old Duobujie cemented his place as one of the greatest Tibetan athletes after clocking 28 minutes and 26.8...

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